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Tuesday, October 15, 2019

These Youths Are Thriving In The Local Arts Scene Despite Their...

It takes courage to stand on stage, even if it’s doing what you love. That is apparent for all performers, but more so for...

Bottled Water: An Unnecessary Expense Or A Life Saver?

Years ago, I distinctly remember attending a NEWater plant tour as part of my primary school’s national education program. Yes, that is the one...


Meet The Man That Helped To Grow Singapore’s Esports Scene

Esports can be very confusing. After all, can a bunch of people sitting around playing video games be considered a sport? Or to take...
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Here’s The Story Behind The Bakery That Invented Bubble Tea Tarts

If you're a bubble tea fanatic like I am, perhaps you might have heard of Edith Patisserie, the bakery that released bubble tea tarts...
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