She Aims To Spread Her Love And Knowledge Of Crystals Through The Form Of Jewellery


All my life, I’ve never thought of crystals and gemstones as anything more than pretty pieces used for decoration or the beautification of something. They seemed to me as flimsy little pieces of stones, nothing more than for novelty. However, I was sorely wrong.

Crystals and gemstones do have an incredibly significant value, and each holds an extremely unique meaning to them – one that the owner of Ccryxst (pronounced “Krist”), Caroline, wants to help us understand through her creation of jewellery.

A Natural Born Creator

With a variety of selections in her shop, Caroline is a versatile creator – she knows exactly how to make each gemstone shine fully, and how to bring out each piece’s best quality. A creative individual by heart, Caroline works as a full-time Interior Designer.

“I have had an interest in the design and arts field ever since I was young,” she shares with me, “always trying to put my hands to good use to create something.”

When I asked her what kindled her love for crystals and gemstones, she shares with me a story almost led by fate:

“It was around May of last year. I was at an art and collectable market in Perth and saw an old couple with the biggest array of beautiful crystals and gemstones on their table. That was when I bought my first Rose Quartz and Amethyst – the only two crystals I had knowledge of at that time.

Over time, I started getting more curious about crystals and began to search up online for more. I noticed that some crystals’ forms and colours looked pretty familiar, and that I have seen them somewhere before. I then realized that when I was younger, my Godpa from Australia had actually gifted me a box of healing stones which I thought they were just colourful pebbles and eventually placed it aside. Little did I know that my healing journey had started long ago, at the same humble city of Perth when I was younger.”

Since then, her personal collection has grown so much bigger. She is still collecting, learning and getting to know how wonderful healing crystals can be.

The Start Of Ccrxyst

Caroline had never thought about starting a business centred around crystals and gemstones – that is, not until she started sharing her love for them on her social media. Fascinated by the abundance of appearance and significance of healing crystals’, Caroline then started to share her personal collection on her personal Instagram account.

She shared them on her Instastories; telling her followers what their different properties were, what they can be used for and how you could work with them. Eventually, her friends and followers became interested and started asking her more details about the crystals.

“I then decided that hey, why not make jewellery out of crystals? To craft something wearable out of them. Moreover, it would also showcase the gems’ beauty as well as their meaning.”

“By explaining the idea and concept behind each design, this creates a connection between the user and their crystals. My wish is to spread the love and wellness of crystals through the form of jewellery.”

I was curious if she already had experience of creating jewellery beforehand, and she admits that when she was younger, her aunt did jewellery making as a hobby.

Her aunt then taught her some basic beading techniques and designs, eventually helping her learn to explore other forms of crafts on her own – but she never did throw away her box of beads and crafting tools.

All About Her Crystals And Gems

Enamoured by her designs, I asked Caroline where she got the inspiration to create such wonderful and charming products. She tells me that she a lot of online research is done in order to conceive such designs.

Whenever she is browsing through jewellery supplies and crystal beads, she thinks of ways she can make them fit well together meaningfully. Her favourite gemstone to work with by far is the Moonstone.

“Moonstone has been really great for me to work with – I hang a piece of Rainbow Moonstone with me on the bag I carry to work with, and so far I have just been feeling a lot of love and positivity from my colleagues and bosses. It’s such a great boost with luck too!”

When it comes to the future of her business, she reveals that it’s a dream of hers to have her own stores in the country – but for now, it’s definitely an online store.

Our Relationship With Crystals And Gemstones

As someone who was not at all interested nor familiar in the properties of crystals and gemstones, I wonder if more Singaporeans will soon awaken and start to become interested in their significance.

Caroline believes they will. “There is an increase in the younger generation’s belief in crystals, or even just simply becoming intrigued by their uses.”

“Although crystals are typically more related to Feng Shui here in Singapore, you can still definitely see a change – more commercial jewellery shops such as Lovisa has been bringing them in, or even catering a corner display just for healing gemstone jewellery.”

She hopes consumers and the general public will begin to notice the significance and meaning behind crystals and gemstones rather than just their appearance.

More Than Just Their Looks

These gemstones can be what brings us comfort, healing, and happiness. Through Caroline’s beautiful creations, she reminds us that everything is more than what they appear to be, and shows us that even the most simple and natural things can be a source of utmost joy.

She ends the interview off with an advice for aspiring entrepreneurs: “Do not be afraid of failure, take tiny baby steps. And most importantly, do a lot of research to see what the trends are now, what people want and ways you can market your ideas!”

“Let your dreams take flight – if you never try you will never know what great heights you can achieve!”

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