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Saturday, April 17, 2021


This Is How I Came to Terms With My Own Sexual Orientation

"Your parents will probably faint." My friend said to me when I first came out to her. But I was not surprised because I...

Excuse Me, But I Thought You Should Know Your Misogyny Is Showing

"Luckily you are wearing this dress because the weather is so hot… But if I were your mother, I’d tell you to put on...

What Daryl Aiden Yow Did Was Wrong — But You’re To Blame Too

Prior to yesterday, Daryl Aiden Yow was a beloved Instagram influencer. With over 100,000 followers on the platform, Yow established himself as one of Singapore’s...

Which Dating App Gives The Best Dates? Here’s My Four Years Worth Of Research.

As a serial online dater for the last four years, I’ve had experiences that have left me vowing never to use dating apps again, to nearly marrying someone I met through Tinder (this is unfortunately true). In an attempt to make sense of the scientifically inexplicable, I’ve decided to collate and analyse the evidence I’ve accrued; humbly offering any of you considering joining the dating app world more information on what the whole game entails.
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