5 Creative And Cost-effective Uses Of Laminates To Beautify Your Home

Image source: siampura on Pixabay.

If you look around your home, laminates are commonly used on tabletops, kitchen cabinets and wooden furniture. To the uninitiated, laminates are decorative surfaces that protect and beautify furniture elements. Known more specifically as High Pressure Laminates (HPL), they come in a jaw-dropping array of colours, designs and textures.

Meant to mimic expensive materials such as timber or marble, decorative laminates are a cheap but highly durable alternative in home decor choices.

With manufacturers coming up with more innovative designs as technology improves, the use of decorative laminates has surpassed traditional applications. Whether you are a new homeowner or you are looking into renovation ideas, here is a list of creative and cost-effective ways to decorate your home using the humble laminate!

Create A Feature Wall

Instead of unrealistic wallpaper designs and expensive materials, laminates are your best solution if you want to create lifelike textures on your wall.


One great example is wood. Decorative laminates can imitate different types of wood down to the grain and colour variances. Choose medium-toned wood laminates to create a rustic wall feature or use whitewashed wood laminates for a cottage-chic interior theme.

You can immediately jazz up your living room or dining area using laminates as a feature wall. Think entrance of your house, behind the television console, or even beside your dining table. That added splash of colour and texture will definitely add warmth and character to your home. It also works well in your room by doubling up as both a headboard and an accent feature wall.

Not only are laminates affordable compared to real wood, they are also relatively easy to install. Some of them come with water, scratch and mold resistant properties as well. Plus, they make a great stylish statement!

Splice, Mix and Match


Although wood-textured and fancy laminates are all the trend, do not underestimate the potential of plain solid-coloured laminates! Splice different colours into varying geometric shapes, mix and match them as you please to create your own unique style. Creative geeks would take immense joy in this!

Let your imagination run. Create lines, shapes and patterns on wall surfaces or even table tops to liven up your space. In fact, you do not have to be limited to solid colours. Play around with contrasting colours and textures, and revel in the fascinating world of new design inspirations.


Of course, you can create similar effects using paint. However, laminates ensure a smooth and even finish, and a much bolder look such as when you combine metallics or stone-inspired prints. Being water resistant and relatively scratch resistant, laminates are also really easy to clean so you do not have to worry about maintenance.

Get Crafty And Upcycle

After all major renovation or interior decoration works are completed, your contractor is sure to have odd pieces and trimmings of laminates left lying around. Maybe you have amassed plenty of laminate samples from the process of choosing materials for your home. Instead of throwing them away, save them aside and put it to good use!


Channel your inner artist, trawl through Pinterest for craft ideas and make something new. Some tried-and-tested ideas are drink coasters, serving trays, photo frames and personalised gift tags.

If you are up for a DIY craft challenge, you can even attempt bigger projects such as a repurposed laminate welcome sign for your main door. Of course, this would require some basic carpentry tools and knowledge, and loads of patience. The end satisfaction you get from craft projects is well worth it though.


By using these scraps that were initially meant to be thrown away, you can contribute to upcycling efforts while adding a splash of individuality to your homes. What’s more, you can certainly impress your friends and family when they come to visit.

Let That Inner Beauty Shine

Often neglected, the insides of a bookcase or shelving and wall enclaves are usually covered up and forgotten. Or maybe you just have no idea what to do about it. It is time to let that inner beauty shine through!

Here is an interior decorating tip that scores high on aesthetics and creativity: Line the inner surfaces with laminates that contrast with the surrounding wall to make it pop.


For shelves that store books, magazines and music records, doing this will make an interesting backdrop and draw attention to your beloved literary or music collection. As for awkward wall recesses, using contrasting laminates on the inner walls can transform the space into a personal mini art gallery by shining the spotlight onto the featured item.

Remodel and Refresh Old Furniture

The kitchen and dining area sees frequent usage and this will cause wear and tear to the surfaces. Or maybe you just want a minor makeover and change out old or dirty furniture. If the core of the furniture piece is still in good condition, a fantastic cost-saving solution is to remodel using new laminates.

Remodeling kitchen cabinets, kitchen counter tops and island tables are an easy way to refresh your home interior without burning a hole in your pockets. And, you can easily recreate different interior styles with the impressive range of laminates available in the market.


Always wanted a Scandinavian themed home? Combine white and light woodgrain laminates. Looking to replicate the industrial minimalist trend? Refurbish your entire kitchen cabinet with concrete or slate inspired laminates!

Besides being an affordable alternative to revamping your home interiors, you can also expect a good return on investment as having new-looking furniture and furnishing will increase your house resale value.

We hope these creative and budget-friendly tips gave you some inspiration on how to beautify your homes. Do also remember to engage a reliable interior designer or contractor with strong track records so that you can recreate your dream home without unnecessary hassle!