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Saturday, April 17, 2021


We take on various workouts that you can find in Singapore – ranging from barre to spin classes, our writers give their verdict on the best spots to get fit.

Does A Personal Trainer Really Work? I Engage One To Find Out.

Singaporeans are extremely knowledgeable, being up to date on any given trend - be it the latest gadgets and gizmos, personal finance or even...

I Tried To Overcome My Fear Of Heights Through Rock Climbing

Trying a new sport can be fun. But it can also be nerve-racking going in for the first time, especially if the sport is...

I Tried Bringing Sexy Back Through Pole Dancing: Fuel

When you see the words pole dancing, what image does your mind conjure? Perhaps scantily-dressed women, or strip clubs? Few performance arts, if any...

Inside Underwater Rugby, A Thrilling Sport That Has Been Compared To Quidditch

If you happen to spend your sleepy Sunday mornings at Queenstown Swimming Complex, you will be greeted by a rather peculiar sight; a merry...
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