This Chatbot Will Answer All Your Questions On Game Of Thrones

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This chatbot knows it all.


You know nothing, but this GoT bot knows it all.

This chatbot can answer all your Game Of Thrones (GoT) questions that have kept you lying awake in bed all night.

We decided to check out how knowledgeable chatbot, called GoTbot, is before the widely anticipated Season 7 of GoT begins.

The conversation kicked off with us seeing as to how much it knows about the character’s biography, and seems like the chatbot can tell you everything and anything you need to know about the character.


It also provides a list of related keywords for you to select to find out more information regarding such as “Daddy” or check out the status of their mortality. 

Not that we didn’t know that Jon Snow has daddy issues already. 

Next, we wanted to see who was the chatbot’s favourite.



However, it turned out that it has yet been programmed to answer such questions so we moved along to the more intense stuff.

Like the weather.


Yes, winter is here!

After that warm up, we felt that it was time to ask the burning question that’s on everyone’s minds – who will be King?



We were unrelenting and just wanted some spoilers, any spoilers!


Quite unfortunately, the chatbot is as clueless as we are to what the future holds for Season 7 of GOT.

However, for all the questions that it is unable to answer, photos of baby dire wolves will be offered to placate you.

In case you were wondering who is the brainchild behind this GoTBot that is bound to give many fans a cheap thrill, it was created by a London creative agency called Catch.

As fellow GoT fans, they have created the chatbot in solidarity with the secondary characters that everyone has buried in the snow and forgotten about.

 If your friends have had enough of you going on and on, turn to your new digital friend to entertain all your GoT questions for hours on end!