Notice An Awful Aftertaste In Your Ice Creams? This Local Ice Cream Brand Offers A Tastier, Healthier Solution.


Ice cream used to be available only to aristocrats and other members on the higher rungs of society.

After hundreds of years, it has become a household staple and comfort food for many around the world – Singapore is no exception.

Yet, how much do we know about the ingredients that go into the preparation of ice cream? How much of it is just sugar and how much of the stuff is harmful to health?

Melissa, the founder of a local ice cream brand, The Real Moo, has delved deep into the alarming subject as she researched for the healthiest recipes for her business.



For Melissa, it all began with a lifelong appreciation of clean and delicious food. After browsing through the mainstream ice cream options sold across Singapore, she realised that they had few to zero nutritional benefits.

Melissa, having grown up in a family that prepared home-cooked cuisine, favours healthier preparation techniques. Consuming food sold outside has often triggered negative responses in her body.

The Real Moo was named after the authentic organic ingredients that go into the production of the ice creams, and with the onomatopoeic Moo referring to its dairy origins.

After living abroad for many years, Melissa was shocked to see the exponential growth of overweight youth when she returned to Singapore.


She blames bad eating habits such as binging on fast food and other quick fix dining options that provide minimal nutrients.

Early in the interview, Melissa shares that there is often an awful aftertaste that lingers in the mouth after consuming some ice creams. This side effect is unnoticeable in healthier ice creams like gelato and sherbets where water content is higher, along with the content of fresher ingredients like fruit juice concentrates.

Melissa shares that an increased frequency of eating out may result in desensitised palates.

“I was trying out a new matcha flavour and wanted to receive some feedback. Many tasters mentioned that the ice cream was enjoyable but they could not detect the typical essence of fibre that is found in the grainy texture of wholemeal bread.”

She explained that she only uses premium quality Japanese matcha tested in labs, which offers a mild taste that doesn’t isn’t hard on one’s taste buds.

 A Challenging Road

Although she does not have a background in food sciences, Melissa is naturally drawn to the culinary arts and the healthy techniques of food preparation.

The avid learner surrounded herself with professionals like nutritionists and TCM practitioners, which sped up her research process.

Ultimately, when it comes to food, Melissa believes in trusting bodily instincts rather than blindly following expert advice. “The human body exhibits many signs and symptoms throughout one’s lifetime but if we keep ignoring them, we are bound to get into trouble.”

Her pursuit of the business began through accruing multiple certificates in food preparation courses.

The ingredients specially selected for the ice cream were thoroughly tested at the labs of Republic Polytechnic and approved by the Health Promotion Board. The entire process was challenging, with each ingredient being subjected to vigorous testing to ensure suitability for a wider range of consumers.

Family Friendly Treat


The Real Moo may be safely consumed by both young and old. Having recently received the healthier choice symbol issued by the Health Promotion Board, the ingredients within the ice cream are filled with various health benefits.

For example, the prebiotic fibres help improve digestive health, which is vital for overall well-being.

The ice cream are all handcrafted and packed, which can be tailored for all individual tastes.

Melissa plans to help inspire parents and their young children through the Real Moo, by introducing the wholesome concept that the right food encourages better growth and development of cells in the body.


“The consumption of healthy food should start from a young age as cells are younger and require the right nutrients and supplements to regulate the growth of new healthy cells.”

She adds,“The Real Moo will give ice cream and dessert lovers a choice in embracing a healthier lifestyle while enjoying their favourite treats.”

She hopes to gradually reach neighbouring countries.

The Real Moo can be found on Lazada here.