I Never Knew The Quality Of My Bedsheets And Pillow Cases Were So Important Till I Made A Change.


How much attention do you pay to your bed sheets and pillow cases? If you’re anything like me, the only knowledge that you have of bed sheets would be that a higher threadcount naturally translates to softer sheets. This knowledge, coupled with the natural sense of touch, is how I decide on any new bed sheets or pillow cases to purchase.

I was naturally taken by surprise when I received news about Heavenluxe, a new local firm that was intending to disrupt the cotton bed sheets industry – how different could they really be?

The brain behind Heavenluxe is none other than Xenon, who turns 26 this year. Prior to forming this startup, he was a motivational speaker and managed social media campaigns for his clients.

Xenon reveals that he spent a lot of money on some of the best cotton sheets wanting to enjoy good sleep after a long day at work – it’s clear that he’s a huge fan of comfort and sweet dreams.

A Gift That Turned Into Something Bigger

Last year, his friend gifted him a set of tencel bed sheets from a high end European retail store that cost $700. “It felt so magical and comfortable compared to the Egyptian cotton sheets I had, and I became addicted to the touch of those sheets,” he says.

While I don’t pay such close detail to my own bed sheets, I do feel a difference in the quality of my sleep when I sleep on softer bed sheets. Xenon feels the same as well.

“I was sleeping more soundly without waking up in the middle of the night from sweating and discomfort of my previous cotton sheets that were rough. When you wake up from a good sleep, you start the day right and live it to the fullest,” he says with a smile.

It was this difference that drove Xenon to hunt for the same sheets at various high end stores including Takashimaya, but with no luck of finding anything as comfortable.

Most tencel sheets sold elsewhere were blended with cotton, which resulted in quality far from the 100% pure tencel ones.

Frustrated at his unsuccessful search, he started learning more about the technology behind tencel, eventually deciding to craft his own sheets with material from Austria. This is how Heavenluxe was born.

Through Ups And Downs

To my surprise, Xenon is not new to entrepreneurship, having been in business since he was 17 years-old. Having supported my parents since a very young age, he says that the toughest part was to balance between the stable income of his day job, and taking a leap of faith to start his own business.

After all, there was a risk that his own business could very well result in him not being able to put food on the table.

Luckily, Xenon’s path has met “many interesting people along the way” and mentors who supported him closely. “As unpredictable the journey of entrepreneurship might be, the love from people around me made everything possible!”

Even so, it has not been a bed of roses. Having to provide for his family of 5, he recalls working up to 20 hours a day without sleep
while his friends are working regular 9 hours.

“That is why the importance of sleep has always been something so close to my heart!”

It is also for this reason that Xenon is particular about his bed sheets. In fact, he adds that people who have slept on cotton sheets and Heavenluxe’s Austrian tencel sheets would be able to instantly tell the difference.

“It’s not just a lifestyle to be able to sleep in luxuriously comfortable sheets, but it improves our sleep quality too,” he reiterates.

While creating his own sheets, he observed that many are falling for the common commercial lies Рthat high thread count means better quality bed sheets. Xenon rebuts this, saying that such a statement is unnecessarily true and that often, we are overpaying for average sheets priced based on their thread count.

Setting Themselves Apart

If you’re wondering what makes Heavenluxe’s bed sheets much better than the ones you have in your home, it’s the combination of Austrian tencel and Heavenluxe’s Luxeweave technology.

This means that the weaving of their Austrian Tencel sheet is 500 times thinner (therefore much softer) and absorbs 20x more sweat from your body (moisture-wicking) than cotton sheets. The ultra-breathable fabric also keeps your body cool at night and is skin-friendly for people with troubled skin.

Their Luxeweave technology is the weaving magic that creates these silky smooth and comfortable Heavenluxe sheets.

Having tried their bed sheets and pillowcase for myself, I can attest to these claims. The quality of my sleep improved, and my sensitive skin did not react adversely to the material. In fact, it made me more aware of how the quality of one’s bedsheet is more important than we might think.

Having recently launched their first product, Xenon says that he looks forward to having Heavenluxe’s Austrian Tencel sheets disrupt cotton sheets and enhance sleep experiences for people.

“We do have very exciting plans for launching new innovative products in the year ahead!”