I Got My Aura Read To See How Accurate It Was


I must admit – when I came across a video of an aura reading at an event, I was intrigued. I knew vaguely what a person’s aura is, but could it really be measured?

In the video, participants had a Polaroid of their individual aura printed out, with brief explanations for the various colours reflected. Was it merely randomized colours that appear on the screen, or could it reflect accurately my state of mind?

I reached out to Selina Seah, Intuitive Energy Alchemist and Founder of The AuraChakra Company, and found myself soon set for an aura and chakra reading.

Credit: Anictay Productions

As I stepped in through the glass doors, I was welcomed warmly by Selina and her husband, Vincent, and promptly led to the office. There, I begin my chat with Selina.

If there’s anything that I’ve learnt from meeting people of vastly different backgrounds, it’s that most of them had no idea they would be in the career that they are now.

Selina is no exception – having graduated in London with an Honours for music, she was a music educator for more than 20 years.

Innate Abilties

Selina starts off by sharing about her strong intuition and abilities to see things beyond the naked eye since she was a child.

As an example, she recalled an incident where a friend had told her about a lovely trip overseas. Yet, Selina felt that there was an underlying unhappiness her friend did not speak of.

Later on, she learnt that her friend was facing obstacles in her marriage.

Even so, Selina stayed mum about her instincts. She explains that her strong intuition is often considered “abnormal” – and it’s clear to see why.

Imagine this: Something’s troubling you, yet you’re not ready to share it with a friend. While you’re relating a separate story, you receive advice or questions about the said problem – how would you feel?

In these situations, a friendly probe or advice given could easily be misunderstood, and Selina could not bear to risk the relationships she had.

“You probably know how I feel – you’re very instinctive as well,” Selina says with a smile.

Her sudden remark took me by surprise, but I was also interested to see how much more about myself she could tell me – and if they were right.

A Yellow Aura

After knowing that she could channel her intuitive skills to benefit people, Selina then embarked on her current journey.

Using a different device compared to the one I saw on the video, this Aura Scanning System from the US uses the concept of biofeedback technology to instantly scan and generate a 22-page PDF report.

According to Selina, you can witness your aura colours and chakras balance status ‘live’ instantly.

To demonstrate how my aura and chakras can be measured, Selina shifts a monitor-connected device to me and asks me to put my hand on it.


Almost instantaneously, the screen switches to one with colours – mostly yellow, with a hint of bright blue on the left and duller orange on the right.

In the centre are 7 dots, each a different colour and size.

According to Selina, yellow is a “celebrity colour” – those with it bring about a sunshine-like energy, and are able to make others around them feel comfortable easily.

On top of that, those with yellow energies are often creative and easy-going.

“Can you see wisdom and philosophical?” she says as she points to the screen.

“I would imagine that if we had a deeper talk, that’s where you have a lot of nuggets of wisdom to share. But yellow people can also be very old souls – old souls stuck in a young creative body,” she says with a wink.

Taking On Different Meanings

What about the blues and greens?

Selina explains that the different parts of one’s aura reflect various things.

The reading on the screen turns out to be a mirrored-image, which means that the blue I see on the left of the reading actually reflects the energy on my right.

According to her, the right side is what one is portraying to the world – something that people can feel. It turns out that blue is a colour of support – people with blue auras are nice and often strive for peace.

“If the blue is on the left, it means that people around you may not feel it yet,” Selina adds.

The orange on my left suggests that I’ll be busy in the upcoming two weeks. While my schedule seems to hint otherwise at the moment, I’m leaving room for such a possibility.

Selina then moves on to the smudge of green at the top.

“This signifies change, which to me is a good thing, as change is the only constant in life.”

She also manages to guess that my sleep has been lacking, although she reassures me that she’s not worried as my “colours are looking bright”.

The 7 Chakras

“That was your aura, now your chakras – can you see these 7 little balls? Those are your chakras.”

To Selina, our chakras are where we get connected.

“If you now recognize that there is an energy around you, surely you’ll realize that there must be a place to store, or to create this energy.”

While the colour of our aura may change with time, the colours of healthy and balanced chakras remain constant. Any size and/or colour difference thus hints at an imbalanced or inactive chakra.

“So this is red,” she says while motioning to a chart, “and yours is red – which means you passed the colour test.”

Remarkably, Selina is able to accurately point out that I face gastrointestinal problems and suffer from sore throat occasionally, which she mainly attributes to stress in the respective chakras.

In fact, I can see it for myself in the reading as well. The Solar Plexus chakra that’s located at the stomach area seems brown rather than the bright yellow that it’s supposed to be – a clear indication that it’s not balanced.

Energy Charging Station

Yet another bit that surprises me is her precision in pointing out my strong intuition even before the reading. As she mentioned, my Crown chakra – which corresponds to intuition – is bright, round, and just the right shade of purple.

After which, Selina suggests going for a 15 to 20 minutes Enertherapy session – something she fondly terms as “my energy charging station”.

“People say that when you’re tired you should sleep. Have you woken up the next morning feeling more tired than you were the night before?”

“So sleep is not the answer.”

I gladly take up the offer, and – to my surprise – feel calmer at the end of the session, as though a weight had been lifted off my mind.

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