8 Things To Look Out For At Singapore Night Festival 2018


Cameras on the ready – the night festival is back! Called Bring on the Night, the 2018 edition of the Singapore Night Festival has chosen to spotlight people from different disciplines and backgrounds – from tech geeks to students and consultancy firms.

After 10 magical years of the festival, this year’s installations are brighter and more impressive than before. We know, because we checked it out first-hand.

Don’t know where to start?  No worries, here’s what you should check out at the Singapore Night Festival 2018. It will be quite… lit.

1. Odyssey by Arnaud Pottier & Thimothée Mironneau

Guaranteed to stop passers-by in their tracks, this visual projection on the Singapore Art Museum’s facade brings you on a journey through time and space, from a cosmic scale to an atomic one. It’s beautiful, fun and also awe-inspiring.

End your Night Fest rendezvous with a moment at the Singapore Art Museum, which may be wrapping up its restoration works but is still an ace façade to project art.

Singapore Art Museum facade

2. Light Wave by Max Lab

Image Courtesy of Max Lab

Light Wave is a visual manifestation of wave energy transmission, inviting festival-goers to discover and rethink our perspective of lighting.

This installation is also a “science experiment” according to Max Lab, and festival-goers are welcomed to come forward and twist the line of suspended light rods, which triggers waves of dynamic lighting in varying frequencies, across a 24 metres stretch.

Reflection Pool above Bras Basah MRT

3. Graffiti Alive

Created by local architectural consultancy firm, Arup Singapore, this installation utilises motion sensors to bring local street art to life and turn the Armenian Street alleyway into an intriguing night time streetscape.

By simply walking along an alley near Armenian Street integrated with motion sensors, you can activate brilliant spotlights to light up objects on the graffiti wall with each step.

Armenian Street

4. A Thousand Skies

Image Courtesy of Suzann Victor

The “heart” of this artwork marks out a public space where festival-goers can become the “art” within the artwork by becoming live presenters of their own artistic talent.

This nomadic pavillion inarguably trends towards interactive lights that make good photo ops but you’ll definitely be awed by the enclosure’s unique soft architecture of assembled transparent lenses.

Raffles City

5. The Duel

Image Courtesy of Ben Daure

A jaw-dropping experience awaits as UK troupe Lords of Lightning graces our shores for the first time with their internationally popular shows of electricity. In a stunning combination of physics and art, The Duel, will see nearly four million volts of electricity hurled into the air as thunderbolts.

Powered by the Tesla Coil, this one-of-a-kind performance will surely get your adrenaline pumping all through the night.

Cathay Green

6. Ember Rain

Image Courtesy of Starlight Alchemy

Local collective Starlight Alchemy is back with its tallest installation yet – a creative fire sculpture.

This stunning sight to behold is also interactive – festival goers can pedal on a bicycle to create the burst of blazing embers that will tumble down a 5 metres tall fire tower.

Inspired by the human mind, the sparks represent an innovative spirit and the fire of ideation, while the lotus-shaped petals symbolise the flow of “rebirth, purity and beauty of ideas flowing through space”.

Cathay Green

7. FierS à Cheval

Gigantic glowing white horses dancing on the streets to music –  sounds like something out of a dream, doesn’t it?

Image Courtesy of Compagnie des Quidams

A group of French performers will be galloping into the festival in a show called FierS à Cheval. The troupe’s “Proud Horses” performance features a set of dream-like characters and larger-than-life animals prancing around to the backdrop of their own original music.

National Museum of Singapore to SMU Campus Green

8. Su a Feu

Feel the beat of the night as Spanish percussion troupe Deabru Beltzak collaborates with Singapore’s own percussion group MOTUS for a rousing display of dance, percussion and fire.

This well-loved worldwide production is a highly energetic one, as the performers will be getting close and inviting you to move with them.

Image Courtesy of Seoul Street Arts Festival 2017

So what’s different with these guys? Well, for one, they look pretty intimidating – they’re all in black, wear Darth Vader-like masks and have some pyrotechnic effects spewing out from somewhere as they bang away on their drums. A bit like a Marvel movie villain who’s got his groove on.

Cathay Green