This Local Company Aims To Care For Your Mental Health Through Their Jewelry


I had first heard of The Mindful Company when I chanced upon their collaboration with Singapore Association for Mental Health in their “What’s Important Series” collection. These featured a series of five bracelets and aimed to raise awareness and understanding about mental wellness.

For this feature, I manage to get in touch with Gillian, their Product and Marketing Executive, to find out more.

Reminding Ourselves

Co-founded in 2015 by Ciara and Ling as a passion project, the two ladies had created their own Reminder Cuffs – their way of encouraging both themselves and the people around them.

“The Reminder Cuffs were designed with subtle engravings to be seen by the wearer, rather than others. The Mindful Company then grew organically as a result of the demand for the jewellery,” Gillian explains.

The Mindful Company is a jewellery brand with a social mission to promote mental wellbeing and kindness through their products, content, and collaborations.

Hence, they have an interest in asking individuals to pay attention to their mental health in addition to their physical health; to be kind to themselves and to those around them.

They call each product a “Reminder”, as each product has a message behind it that is meant to encourage its wearer. These include Breathe, Courage, and It’s a Journey.

Gillian also explains that the medium of jewellery was chosen to market their cause because they “believe that tangible reminders help to build new mental habits,” where jewellery is “something (the individual) can wear daily to remind (themselves) of what’s important, or how (they) wish to respond to a particular challenge.”

This, hence, is how the idea of creating Reminders in the form of jewellery came to the co-founders of The Mindful Company.

Gillian shares that her favourite aspect of her journey with The Mindful Company comes from the day-to-day aspects –

“It’s the little things like getting a kind compliment from a customer and learning that our Reminders have impacted their lives in any way, shape or form, to sharing laughs with the team,” she muses.

In fact, she does not pinpoint a particular achievement or contribution to be the highlight of her journey with The Mindful Company.

“There isn’t one (specific memorable experience) in particular.”

“To me, completing each task is vital in contributing to the company and it’s the small, everyday accomplishments that (bring fulfilment).” 

However, in terms of challenges she faces at work, Gillian quips: “Staying organised is a challenge!”

Bittersweet Growth

For Gillian, the company’s former office – which she describes as “a quaint shophouse in Chinatown” was something that she had grown to love.

“(But) we’ve since outgrown that office and moved into a bigger space. It was a bittersweet moment but watching the company grow, and being a part of its growth, has become one of my memorable experiences with TMC,” she explains.

What, then, are the goals that The Mindful Company has planned for the future?

Gillian declines to reveal much, save to share that the team is “working on new projects with non-profit organisations as part of (their) mission.”

We’ll just have to keep our eyes peeled, and keep updated with their plans through their website and social media – here and here.