Being A Successful Facebook Live Seller Is Not As Easy As It Seems — Just Ask This Queen Diva


We’re all familiar with Lerine Yeo (perhaps S-Hook Jie rings a bell) whose Facebook Live Shopping video went viral last year.

While many of us are familiar with the personality, how many of us are familiar with the Facebook Live Shopping platform?

We spoke to Jo of LeDiva, a rising name in the Facebook Live Shopping scene, to find out more.

Jo had started the LeDiva online boutique on Facebook in mid 2018 as a hobby but things got serious in 2019 and as sales began to pick up, she decided to go into it full time.

It seems that Jo’s foray into the industry was no coincidence — her dream has always been to own a fashion boutique.

In fact, upon completing her studies at 20 years old, she took the less beaten path of opening two boutiques at Far East and Bukit Timah Shopping Centre.

Since then, she has been involved in various business ventures.

“Running LeDiva now is like going a full circle and returning back to the line I love best.”

Keeping Up With The Times

With so many different avenues to choose from, I can’t help but wonder: Why choose Facebook Live Shopping?

Jo shares that “the world has changed” since she last opened a boutique, and with it, a majority of the way people shop has changed too. One growing trend she observed was Facebook Live shopping.

“Through Facebook, I’m able to do more than just selling. I can effectively reach out to my customers, bond with them and form a closely knitted community of divas (what she affectionately refers her customers as) who share a common interest in clothing and fashion and it’s this community that is most precious to me.”

While viral Facebook Live Shopping seller Lerine Yeo may have made it look like a simple task, there are various challenges faced by these sellers that you may not be aware of.This includes logistics, such as the handling of payments and matching of orders.

Jo and her team

While the Facebook platform is great for reaching out to customers, there is no inventory management system built into it; at least not yet. This means that the entire order process from point of purchase to actual order fulfilment is done manually and this manual process is tedious, manpower intensive and time consuming.

Jo shares that there are also viewers who place orders and then become uncontactable. When this happens, the effort put in goes to waste but “it’s something we cannot avoid, I guess.”

Making A Personal Connection

Given that Facebook Live Shopping is increasingly garnering more interest, does Jo think that it will be the future of shopping practices?

To this, she says that the world will keep changing and new platforms will emerge.
“FaceBook is great for now and the foreseeable future but whether it will stand the test of time, only time will tell. That said, we will just have to keep in touch with the latest emerging trends, technologies and platforms and keep up with the times.”

Lediva stands out from other Facebook Live Shopping sellers as they always do their best to bond with our divas (ie their audience) to make each show fun and entertaining for them.

Besides their irresistibly prices for quality goods, Jo adds that the Lediva team sincerely treats everyone like their extended family and though “we have never met them in person, I can personally feel the bond we have built over the last 2 years.”

In fact, Jo personally handpicks the items that are marketed at LeDiva.

“This is a commitment we make to our buyers – that with LeDiva, you get more for less.”

For all the effort that she’s put in, Jo’s most rewarding moments are the memories she shares with her divas.

“On my birthday, some would come all the way to personally deliver cakes, flowers and even wine and recently when I was unwell, I received so many get well soon messages from caring divas; in fact, one even brought tonic to my home despite being unwell herself.”

“For all their gestures of friendship, I’m am deeply touched and it’s this sincere care from these divas that keep me going, week after week, giving off my best each time I’m on air.”

Jo In Action During FaceBook Live

Dishing Out Advice

To those who are new to the Facebook Live Shopping platform, Jo has a few tips to share.

For Buyers

Stay near your router and have a good internet connection. The best items usually sell out like hot cakes and if your live stream is laggy, you will miss out all the good deals.

You should also follow the Facebook page of the Live seller and set the notification level to the highest allowed by FaceBook. Also be sure to interact frequently with the page too (ie like, share or comment).

These days, liking a page alone is not enough to ensure you get notification of their post. The interaction level with the page is important too, if you wish to ensure you receive all important notifications and good deals the seller may post from time to time.

For Sellers

If you are planning to do this alone, it’s almost impossible. The logistics are massive and the long hours put in can easily wear you out in no time. Speaking for 4 hours or more on air alone is already not easy, let alone having to sell and take orders at the same time.

You therefore need at least one good and committed partner to walk this journey with you.
Also, it’s a long term commitment. You may not see results initially as results come only with hardwork and perseverance.

Jo’s dream is to take LeDiva beyond the shores of Singapore.

“I believe if I keep working on this dream, that day will come. For now though, we are focused on the present, giving off our best each time we are on air and providing great value to divas, each and every day.”

To know Jo and the LeDiva brand a little better or to catch their Facebook Live every Wednesday and Saturday at 8.30pm to 12.30pm and/or Sunday at 3pm to 7pm, visit their FaceBook Page.

To shop online for clothes or fashion accessories from LeDiva, head over to their website.