Wondered What It Is Like In Wonderland? You Now Have The Chance To Dine Like Alice In Wonderland

alice inwonderland.png

Your imagination is truly your only limitation now.


Watching Alice in Wonderland as a child was truly an experience. Back then, your imagination was your only true limitation. It is not difficult to see why Alice in Wonderland had such captivating appeal. With psychedelic landscapes populated by vivacious characters, the surreal adventure offers a journey back home like no other.



Now you finally have a chance to be immersed in the “imaginative and  fantasy” world of Wonderland while having dinner! It’s the pleasant clash of both food and fantasy.

Created by Andsoforth, “Dinner in Wonderland” is a pop-up restaurant that hosts dinner events with a specific theatrical/art theme. “Catch the marvelously maddening hatter, hare, queen of hearts, Alice and companions as they take you on a dinner through wonderland.” We love the idea behind Dinner in Wonderland given that its infuses something that is not conventional with something that all Singaporeans love to do. Building a business-based on art and fantasy is not necessarily the easiest thing.


Exploring the magical world

Andsoforth provides the full experience. The moment you book an online reservation, you will take on the journey of “Alice” in wonderland. Look out for “The Initiation” on your phones and later, diners will be informed of the meeting location on the day of the feast with strategic clues to guide them to the final venue. At the end of it all, the experience will kept secretive between just Andsoforth and you. It’s all a mystery, which makes it the more appealing in a lot of rather mundane lifestyle.

Every kid’s dream come through

What is Alice in Wonderland without the childhood appeal? Andsoforth hosts their Wonderland shows just for kids as well. Teatime in Wonderland will bring together immersive storytelling, tea time and activities for all children.

Fantasy might not be your choice of film or book but this dinner-idea is really quite stand-out.

Tickets for February are all sold out.
Tickets for March cost $98 on Fridays and $108 on Saturdays. Find out more.
When: 7.30pm on Saturdays; 8pm on Sundays of March, starting from the third week.