This Year’s Great Singapore Sale Comes With An App Containing All The Discounts And E-Coupons You Need

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Be a pro this GSS. 


It is an increasingly common sight these days in the heartlands: spanking new mixed-use developments with rows and rows of empty shop spaces plastered with posters and banners screaming “For Rent” or “For Sale”.

The retail slump – which first hit the prime shopping district several months ago – is starting to bite suburban areas too. And with the Great Singapore Sale (GSS) creeping up upon us, it’s a situation that needs to be addressed.

This June, the GSS will go digital in a bid to encourage shoppers to go on a shopping spree with a new mobile phone app called GoSpree. The app will allow users to download e-coupons, consolidate and redeem them at participating retailers for discounts.


Functioning as a “supermall”, the app will have everything you need to make your shopping experience more efficient and fun.

It’ll house a directory, with a list of participating retailers islandwide – so you can decide where to go before leaving the house or simply on-the-go. All the information on the discounts and coupons will be available at your fingertips, allowing for greater convenience to shoppers.


Compiled in a virtual card of sorts, shoppers must use the discounts before they expire. The geo-location-enabled app will let retailers send e-coupons and flash deals to alert nearby shoppers. Each GSS retailer will also get a unique QR code displayed all over the island – which users can collect and unlock.


To be launched on the first day of the nine-week sale, the free app will be available for download on the Apple store and Google Play store. As of now, retailers such as Courts, Takashimaya, Naiise and the whole of Millenia Walk mall already have e-coupons and special deals in place. Shoppers can expect free parking vouchers, exclusive discounts and even e-coupons worth up to $20.