The only place where violence is the solution to your problem. 


Singaporeans and stress pretty much go hand in hand. Unless you’re a toddler whose only worry is the amount of play time available, then the truth is – stress is inevitable.

Whether you’re studying, working or doing anything else in between, there’s always something – an impending change, office politics or some deadlines you’re putting off – that’ll create a certain pit in your stomach. The looming worry, stress or anger in you won’t go away if you just let them fester inside you.


It’s easy to get caught up with deadlines, expectations and pressure in our fast-paced society. And while most of us indulge in our occasional wanderlust or retail therapy, it’s never enough to get it off your chest. Bottling up all these bad feelings is a no no, as we’ve all been told or nagged at, so why not take your anger physical?


Just like in the movies, this room allows you experience the ultimate anger-relieving therapy that no other therapist would provide – to smash a bunch of items across an enclosed room without any consequences or clean-up necessary.

The Fragment Room is Singapore’s first ever rage room, solely for people to let loose and vent their anger. Skip the cliche screaming at the top of your lungs by East Coast Park and wreck a bunch of fragile items instead. With a pair of Yeezy 950 boots and a Supreme crowbar in hand, this establishment allows you to keep your image on point while you vent your suppressed anger. Talk about being badass.


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The room basically allows you to let your guard down and release your inner frustrations. So your boss shouted at you for something you had no control over. So the train had broken down and you were late for a presentation. So you had a bad day. Take out that anger and frustrations all out in the Fragment Room.


You will be equipped with a set of safety gear, your preferred playlist and a set of fragile items ranging from electronics to empty glass bottles. There’s even an option for you to bring along your own items (gifts from exs, ex-friends or anything in sight that you think is a sore).

You will be provided with a set of safety gear and your preferred playlist – so it will be your own customised therapy session.


While experts (read: therapists) might question the efficacy of rampaging in a faux cubicle and whacking airborne items, we got to admit that cathartically smashing a bunch of fragile items does act as a distraction to the stress you’re feeling, albeit a temporary one.

It is a rather costly option as compared to meditating on a daily basis, but we definitely think that it has an element of fun and potential to free your mind. After all, we’ve all been told that expressing our anger can reduce stress – why not express it physically?

The Fragment Room
3 Balestier Road
Opens Daily, 1pm to 10pm