7 Rising Coffee Trends Every Coffee Lover Needs To Try


Starbucks actually serves #4!

Coffee, much like a trusty alarm clock – is an essential ingredient in getting your day going. The effects of coffee are noticeable both by the drinker and the innocent souls around.


If you’re a caffeine-junkie like me, coffee is hardly a mere beverage; it has become a lifestyle in our urban jungle. And some of us, like myself, honestly don’t know how to operate without coffee anymore.

But are you tired of enjoying coffee the same old way? Here are some really cool new coffee trends to try and to enjoy coffee

1. Vietnamese Egg Coffee

Or also known as ‘Cà Phê Trứng’ is a local favourite along the bustling streets of Hanoi, Vietnam. This drink is probably one of the last in line to get our local ‘Healthier Choice’ label… but it makes up for it by being downright satisfying.


For this beverage, egg yolk and condensed milk are mixed and whipped together till they form a rich and creamy texture. Then black Vietnamese coffee is poured over the top and is left to sink all the way to the bottom – gradually going through the ‘layers’ of the egg yolk and condensed milk to form a unique beverage.

This coffee is super interesting because it is essentially like a coffee-flavoured custard; so it’s like a dessert and a coffee drink in one! Absolutely superb and easy to see why the Vietnamese are so in love with it.

2. Coffee Beer Repeat

One of my personal favourites, albeit not recommended for the weak hearted! This super powerful perk-me-up is basically a shot of espresso and a pint of beer.


It’s a pretty fun drink because you get to drink it in several different ways!

The usual way is to mix the espresso directly into the beer. Some people like to down the espresso first, then the beer – or vice versa. It’s really entirely up to you! So everyone gets to enjoy their Coffee Beer Repeat in whatever fashion they fancy.

This drink originated from Austin, Texas – and was designed for people to stay up and hang out for a long while. Now, the reason why they call it Coffee Beer Repeat is because the recipe really is two shots of espresso and two pints of beer…

But I honestly don’t think I can handle a Repeat… Let me know if you can! And describe in detail what the experience was like for you. I respect you already.

3. Kaffeost

Calling all cheese-lovers out there – behold the Kaffeost!

Yes, coffee with cheese.


I didn’t buy it myself at first. I enjoy coffee and I enjoy cheese – but I never thought about enjoying them together. Ok, but here’s the catch… The cheese isn’t just any cheese.

It has to be this particular Finnish cheese called “Leipäjuusto” and looks like this…


This cheese is from the milk of cows, goats or reindeers… You read it right! Reindeer milk!

This drink is actually a favourite among the Samis and is known to give them that boost of energy needed to get a day’s work done.

4. Nitro Coffee

Thank you, science.

Well, really should be thanking Nate Armburst instead. He’s the food scientist at Portland, Oregon who invented this scientific beverage – by pumping nitrogen gas into the brew of coffee.


It might seem like just charging you extra for adding air into your drink, but it’s much more than that!

Nitrogen-infused coffee is actually a lot richer and creamier than your regular coffee, because of the reaction that happens between the molecules. With nitrogen, the coffee becomes thicker with a velvety texture to it.

Surprisingly, this coffee trend has managed to reach our shores. Head down to your nearby Starbucks store and request a Nitro Cold Brew to check it out yourself!

5. Vincent Vega

If the name sounds familiar to you – it’s because it was the name of a character in hit movie Pulp Fiction where actor John Travolta played as Vincent Vega who drank vanilla coke.


The drink itself is a combination of Coca-Cola, an espresso shot, Torani vanilla syrup and ice and is sure to give you the buzz any time of the day.


This drink is not just caffeine; it is caffeine that is spiked with caffeine. Hardcore, we know.

6. Guillermo

I must warn you – this coffee isn’t for everybody. It is one of those things that you either love or hate; like durian!

Guillermo is basically one or two shots of espresso with slices of lime. So you can imagine how crazy the acidity level is! Some people prefer to add a dash of milk into the concoction just to balance things out a little bit.


The Guillermo is definitely another buzz-giver, plus I’m guessing a little healthier given the citrus fruit in the mix.

7. Bulletproof Coffee

Saved my ultimate favourite for last! 🙂

Not only does this coffee have a super cool name – it apparently has weight loss and mental-stimulating properties as well. Even celebrities like Harry Styles to Silicon Valley execs have sworn by it’s amazing properties.

Now, many would already say that caffeine in itself has weight loss properties… but the Bulletproof Coffee is the upgraded version.

The Bulletproof Coffee might actually really make you feel bulletproof – with its unique recipe of combining coffee and grass-fed butter, with the optional coconut oil. The additional fat binds with caffeine, delivering a smoother activation and creating a sustained alertness, instead of the usual peak and crash associated with normal coffee.


This coffee is amazing to me because it isn’t that difficult to make on your own. I mean, I love Nitro Coffee… but what are the chances I own the scientific apparatus at home to make one of my own? Or how am I going to find some good Leipäjuusto easily in Singapore?

The Bulletproof Coffee can be made at home with easily accessible ingredients! Just make sure that you use some quality coffee as the base and use a blender! With the butter, you will find that your appetite is curbed because you tend to stay fuller for a longer period. And also by putting some coconut oil, it’s also good for the skin and hair.

Great morning perk-me-up, delicious, weight-loss-inducing and helps with skin and hair? It’s the coffee from heaven!!!


So these are 7 Super Chic Ways to Drink Coffee and I’m super excited to hear if you have any to share too! Let me know in the comments below. 🙂

In the meantime, get a cup of coffee!