What Are The Chances Of Winning This Year’s $12 Million TOTO Draw?

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Huat ah!

We all know that the chances of striking TOTO’s $12 million this year is pretty low. In fact, statistically speaking, you literally have a higher chance of getting struck by lightning. But honestly, we know that isn’t going to stop anyone from buying. The thought of  becoming an instant millionaire by spending  a few dollars is definitely more enticing than spending those dollars on a regular kopi. Nevertheless, we’ve put together a visualization to help manage your expectations before you start dreaming of yachts and vacations.

Singaporeans really love winning things

Around 1pm yesterday, more than 80 people were seen queueing up in their hopes of winning this life-changing lottery draw.

The Basics

How exactly does the lottery work?

You can choose 7 numbers from 1 to 49. To win at least $10, you need to hit 3 numbers. To hit the jackpot, you would need to guess all 6 numbers. This leaves us with rather depressing odds of  1 in 14 million. (Mathematically speaking, [1 out of 49] to the power of 6)

The History


Last year’s draw was more than this year’s amount at $13 million. With that amount, you could buy a HDB flat and a Sentosa Cove Condominium.

Last year, $13.9 million was split between 2 people, who bought tickets at Marina Bay Sands and Ng Teo Guan Self Service. The numbers were “16, 18, 20, 21, 27 and 49, with the additional number of 23.”

Where your money ends up

Since the actual winnings present only a fraction of total ticket sales, have you wondered where all the remaining money ends up? The money spent on these lotteries goes to Tote Board, which consists of Singapore Pools and Turf Club. Tote  Board “channels the gaming surpluses of Pools and STC, together with the casino entry levy, towards Giving Hope to vulnerable groups and Improving Lives of all in Singapore.”

The Internet provides

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Technology is here to make our lives easier, right? There is an interactive map for the “highest possibility” of winning brought to you by The Straits Times themselves, purely based on the previous winning locations. 

Betting hours are extended as well. Check out where you can go for your last minute betting chances.

The announcement of the winner will be at 9.30pm tomorrow. Good luck everyone 🙂