Underwater Cycling Isn’t Only For Seniors Or The Injured. In Fact, You Can Burn Up To 800 Calories An Hour.


Tired of hitting the gym week after week and seeing no results? Perhaps all you need is to try your hand at a new interesting activity to get your groove going again.

I recently chanced upon ‘aqua aerobics’, which at first sounded like it was tailor-made for gymnasts with lithe bodies or professional athletes, not for a couch potato like myself.

But I was in for a pleasant surprise after speaking to Alicia Antonuccio, co-founder of water aerobics fitness center Aquaspin, who introduced this unique sport to Singapore.

How The Road To Recovery Turned Into A Passion Project

A self-professed sports freak, Alicia has been actively involved in sports ever since she was a teenager.

Unfortunately, she was diagnosed with a painful chronic knee condition which prevented her from continuing in sports.

Her doctor recommended aqua aerobics, but thinking that it was for old folks, Alicia did not take his advice seriously—until her mother introduced aqua biking to her.

As it is an extremely popular sport in France, Alicia managed to find a pool nearby that ran classes, so she gave it a go and unexpectedly fell in love with it.

She was finally able to work out without worrying about her condition and still be able to push herself to her physical limits. Although she had gained weight due to her hiatus from exercising and was struggling to feel good in her skin, she marvels:

“Aqua biking has helped me in so many ways. I could manage my injury, get stronger both physically and mentally, and all those endorphins helped me to be a happy and bubbly person again!”

And it’s not just because Alicia’s been doing this for years – other students have also left their compliments.

Whether it’s for weight loss, fighting diabetes, rehabilitating from an injury, or just general fitness, all their students get out of the pool stronger, healthier, and more rejuvenated.

The Perks Of Underwater Cycling

You may be wondering – what’s so different about aqua biking compared to cycling?

When you cycle in the water, you have to constantly work against water resistance, which means you end up burning more calories – up to 800 in one hour!

You also get to keep cool—a huge plus point in a hot and humid country like Singapore. The water makes it a soothing and low impact workout, safe for those who suffer from minor injuries or even mothers who have just given birth.

There are also health benefits aqua biking offers that other kinds of sports fail to – Alicia can confidently testify to the fact that it is an excellent cellulite killer and she suffers no joint or bone pain from it in spite of her chronic condition. It also helps fight against water retention and detoxifies your system.

Some people have the misconception that aqua biking is only for grannies or those injured and in need of rehabilitation. Aquaspin has had triathletes who worked out alongside clients suffering from multiple hip surgeries—and they enjoyed their workout just as much as their counterparts!

Perhaps the best thing about Aquaspin is that it is extremely inclusive.

Whatever your fitness background is, you are welcome to take things at your own pace – no basic skill sets are required. They even have clients who are non swimmers and even some who do not know how to cycle on land.

Kickstart Your Fitness Journey

 Aquaspin offers three types of programmes. If you’re looking to burn calories, Aqua Signature is an intense 45min full body session.

On the other hand, Aqua Endure is an endurance class – the closest to what you can find in an indoor cycling class.

Finally, Aqua Power is a 50min aqua circuit training session combining cardiovascular intensity, combat training, and strength training, using dumbbells, barbells, the bikes, resistance bands, and more.
If you’re a beginner, Alicia recommends that you start with an Endure or Signature class, and subsequently move onto the Aqua Power class as the circuit is tougher to follow for first timers.

Visit their website here to sign up for their classes or find out more.