Still Have Your Student Matric Card? Here Are Some Amazing Deals That Will Make Your Friends Jealous

Still Have Your Student Matric Card? Here Are Some Amazing Deals That Will Make Your Friends Jealous

The usual rites of thrifting are something that students are familiar with. This statement holds especially true until we see the next embroidered Gucci sneakers or another ‘Poké Bowl’-like food trend.

We’re all too familiar with the occasional discounts students have access to with a matric card from the school – read on, for these other discounts will help you save even when you’re on a spending spree.

Discounted Apple Products

Did you know about the endless perks of owning a .edu email? One of the many perks consists of purchasing a brand new MacBook at a discounted rate.

Recently, it came along with a set of free Beats headphones. Sadly, that offer no longer stands but you can still get your hands on the latest technology from Apple at a discounted rate!

The price difference between a MacBook Pro bought through the education plan and a MacBook Pro at the standard retail price is S$150 – think of all the other things you could buy with that.

Microsoft Office For Absolutely FREE

Yet another freebie from owning a .edu email. A subscription fee for the same thing without the student perks would set you back at about S$100.

Just wait till the inconvenience of not having Microsoft Office hits you when you graduate. It’s hard to excel without the ease of these applications.

Amazon Prime For FREE

Amazon Prime’s got you covered for all your delivery needs. Enjoy free AND express shipping with Amazon Prime at absolutely no cost at all.

As long as you sign up with a .edu email account, each student is entitled to 6 months free trial with an option to extend into a payable scheme thereafter.

What’s more, if you ever decide to use the service for good, it’s only going to cost you $49 if you’re a student instead of the original $99 per year!

Cheap Airfare For Students

This discount could just be the greatest one yet – catered to specifically students, StudentUniverse is definitely your go-to for discounted travels.

Retail Therapy

If you’re anything like me where the words ‘SALES’ and ‘NEW IN’ would always catch my eye – then you would undoubtedly find yourself checking out pieces you never knew you needed.

Good news – you now have a personalized discount code when you identify yourself as a student with ASOS, which lasts till you graduate.

Looks like the days of missing out on the expensive shirt you wanted is over. Simply head here to fill out the form and you’re set.

Topman/Topshop has also hopped onto the bandwagon and provided similar discounts of their own.

Be it the physical shop (where you can just flash your matric card for a 10% discount), or the online store, you can be sure that shopping at either is a little more affordable now.

Food Deals

We’re no strangers to the student meal discounts at the various fast food joints but what if you can have tastier and healthier options but still be dining on the dime?

SMU kids might want to keep your eyes peeled for this – literally a stone throw away from the School of Economics and School of Social Sciences, ‘Baja Fresh’ serves up hearty portions of Mexican food at affordable price points.

On top of that, there’s a 30% discount if you dine between 2.30PM to 5.30PM!

I discovered this by accident when the kind lady at the cashier asked if I had my student card with me. Premium dishes served up at below S$10, what more can you ask for? Pepper lunch dishes up whole steaks, beef slices, and salmon in their student deals. Surf or turf, you’re spoilt for choices. 

Covering most of the meal times between 11AM – 6PM, this student meal deal is everything you’ve ever asked for.

A mid-week breather or a scrumptious meal to brave the rest of the week, Hot Tomato is offering a generous meal with a drink at S$9.50 net.

You’ll be surprised at the significance of every dollars and cents once these discounts stack up. Give yourself a treat at these places or rather – let these establishments treat you right with all these promotions!  

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Still Have Your Student Matric Card? Here Are Some Amazing Deals That Will Make Your Friends Jealous
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