Singapore Airlines Set To Buy One Of The World’s Largest Aircrafts


It’s so huge that the wings of the aircraft might need to be folded to fit in to the airport!

It is no secret that Singapore Airlines is one of the world’s most premium airline carriers. Coming in 3rd in 2016, Singapore Airlines has a reputation to uphold. From luxurious business class amenities to premium economy seats all accompanied by commendable service from the iconic SQ air stewardess and stewards, SIA is constantly upgrading to keep up with tough competition.

According to Bloomberg, SIA is closing in on a deal that would bring in at least 35 wide-body Boeing Co. aircrafts. This was fiercely contended by some Chinese and Mid-Eastern airline companies, which we presume to be Emirates or Qatar, given their rank above SIA in 2016 rankings.


These aircrafts will price at $13.8 billion and the order is spectulated to be released this week. One model to look out for is the Boeing 777-9x long-range jet. Expecting at least 20 of them, Singapore Airlines will own one of the world’s largest jet passenger plane. It is apparently so huge that its wings have to be folded in order to fit into airports.


With 12 percent lower fuel consumption and 10 percent lower operating costs, this will hopefully set a positive upsoar for SIA with its new 400-seater planes.

Competition arising

However, SIA has reported their third quarter fall in sales last year, which does not paint a rosy picture for the local premium aircraft service. Competition from their own budget services, Scoot, and soon, Tigerair, will make it increasingly difficult to maintain a constant flow of demand.


Under pressure to cut costs amidst the challenging landscape filled with geopolitical and economic concerns, SIA is also bringing more fuel-efficient aircrafts such as the 67 new incoming Airbus 350-900 fleets.