She Went From Designing A Telegram Sticker Pack To Having Her Own Brand


For those of you who just can’t seem to keep yourselves from splurging on adorable accessories, stationery and sticker packs, PinesnPrints will be your new obsession.

Started by local, self-taught artist Jingyi, PinesnPrints is an online art business that wishes to achieve the overall goal of making people happy and adding quirkiness to the normal, everyday things in people’s lives.

Its product range features crowd favourites like sticker packs, iron-on patches, socks, enamel pins and tote bags.

What makes PinesnPrints truly irresistible however, is the charming combination of quirkiness and dreamy playfulness that goes behind each and every design.

Our personal favourite is the pastel pin of a cat baker wielding bread with finesse.

From felines peeking out from under tamago sushi blankets, to mini Mt. Fujis smiling coyly with zen, to even onigiri rice balls having a field trip to the lake, there’s always something in PinesnPrints’ ever-growing, whimsical repertoire to bring a smile to your face.

Curious about her process of coming up with these designs, we learned that the whole thinking process is one that never ends for Jingyi and happens spontaneously whenever inspiration pops up.

For example, watching her cat sleeping on a white cushion like a sushi roll, was all it took for Jingyi to create her favourite cat sushi design.

Customers also serve as a source of inspiration for Jingyi as well, who started her shiba inu designs after a customer at her booth asked if she could do dogs as well.

“I realised that ideas might not come into my head even if I set aside a fixed period of time to brainstorm,” she explained.

Instead, she either works on spontaneous ideas immediately, or make a quick plan or doodle and come back to it again when she has time. “No stress!”, she laughed.

Becoming A Flourishing Art Business

Jingyi’s story of starting the PinesnPrints business all began with her designing her own Telegram sticker pack, Holy Guacamole, which might already be familiar with some for its adorable pastel ‘For Fox’s Sake’ and ‘Holy Moly’ stickers.

This came as no surprise to us, since Jingyi described herself as a fervent fan of stickers since young.

The sticker pack Jingyi designed eventually became very well-received by her friends, who told her that they would buy printed versions of her stickers. This sparked the start of her art business and her foray into making laptop stickers.

Jingyi also attributes the development of her hobby and business to the inspiration she soaks in when she visits other artists’ online social media pages and booths during art and craft fairs.

“Visiting an art market to buy things is so different from picking up a mass-produced product from the shops. Art market products are usually produced in small batches and you feel like you are getting something personal and irreplaceable.”

“And, you get to meet the person that designed the product too!”

PinesnPrints has clearly moved beyond its humble beginnings of Telegram and laptop stickers, to other products like totes, pouches, embroidered patches, enamel pins, socks and even washi tape.

Besides expanding its collection of designs and products, PinesnPrints has also taken on many pop-up booth events, including a craft event held in Taiwan which Jingyi names as her favourite milestone in her PinesnPrints journey.

PinesnPrints has also participated in past pop-up fairs like iLight and Public Garden, as well as the Handmade in Japan festival, which featured over 500 exhibitors.

Sustainability And Quality

As a fan of handmade and sustainable products, Jingyi is committed to grow her art business into an environmentally-responsible one.

PinesnPrints’ recent efforts include exploring shipping options which do not include plastic, as well as searching for paper and biodegradable alternatives for its products.

Jingyi’s customer-oriented ethic is notable too. Product quality is of utmost priority and supplier-sourcing is centered around quality, although Jingyi acknowledges that product defects are inevitable in every batch of production.

Nonetheless, customers who have received defective items can exchange their items.

When it comes to marketing her art on PinesnPrints’ Instagram page, Jingyi is clearly detail-oriented with her own personal flair for picking beautiful layouts, backgrounds and embellishing details.

You can also check out her Pinkoi store here. If simply scrolling through the designs online is not enough for you, be sure to check out Jingyi’s creations in person at PinesnPrints’ next pop-up booth, which will be happening soon on the 27th and 28th of April at the Public Garden Consumer Trade Show, held at the Suntec Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Advice For The Budding Artist

The journey of running PinesnPrints has indeed been a rewarding one for Jingyi, who names the encouragement and kindness she receives as the most meaningful thing for her so far.

The support and help she received from her family members also went a long way.

Being able to see her art transform from digital form to physical form has been special to her too.

For the artist looking to transform his or her hobby into an art business, Jingyi’s personal advice is to search for inspiration from other artists, while remembering not to compare oneself to others or be unnecessarily stressed out.

“I usually think of things or places that make me happy and use those themes for my designs. Inspiration only comes naturally, so don’t rush yourself.”

“What’s most important is whether you are happy with the things you create!”

Photos were provided by Jingyi