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Friday, February 21, 2020


From the latest technology and digital news, we bring you exciting and new updates on the tech scene in Singapore.


7 Unique Amazon Products You Never Knew Existed

Technology just keeps getting better Many of us are aware that Amazon is finally coming to Singapore (yes to cheaper shipping costs!).  While purchasing products...

Dear New Parents, Here Are Some Genius Products On Amazon That Will Make Your...

Parenting is hard enough. Parenthood is a blessing. But there’s no denying being a new parent is not easy. Not only do you have to...
iphone 8888.png

Exciting And Unprecedented Things We Know About The iPhone 8 Release So Far

With Apple’s 10th year anniversary coming up, there is much anticipation and hype for the new iPhone 8. And especially after the great disappointment...

POSB Leads The Way For 24/7 Customer Service With Chatbot On Facebook Messenger

A quick and more convenient way to ask your question and possibly better customer service  Source Every business worth its salt knows the importance of customer...

Garena and Goldman Sachs Team Up For Biggest Southeast Asian Tech IPO

Investors and industry watchers are keeping a close eye on Garena Source Currently valued at more than US$3.75 billion, Garena Interactive Holding Ltd. is easily the...