Funan mall is not just about IT products anymore. The tech hub will be transformed into a live-work-play mall, complete with Wall-E-esque technology like utensil-returning robots at Kopitiam.

According to The Straits Times, it closed for redevelopment on 30 June 2016 after 31 years, and promises a version 2.0, "future-proofed" mall with cutting edge features for its visitors when it opens again. The former mall known as Funan DigitaLife Mall will be simply called Funan now, welcoming a complete makeover and reopening in 2019.


The renovations, which will take three years, is estimated to be a massive $560-million makeover. Funan is owned by CapitaLand Mall Trust and designed by global architecture firm Woods Bagot. Shoppers will experience a mall like none other. It would not be anything like a traditional mall that they have seen before.

Here are some new cool features that you can expect at the new mall after its makeover.

The Tree of Life


The centrepiece of the mall is "The Tree of Life". It is a wood- and-steel structure spanning the mall, which will consist of six levels. It will run through the mixed-uses of the establishment, where there will be “passion clusters”. These clusters will revolve around themes such as technology, fitness and food, where up-and-coming retailers can showcase their designs and products.

Indoor Cycling Track


Singapore’s first indoor cycling track will allow you to zip through the air-conditioned mall, allowing for a seamless hopping from cafes and shops from the comfort of your bike. You can head to bike shops or grab a coffee at the cafe after your morning workout. There are even lockers and shower areas to freshen up for those drenched in sweat after the cycling session.

Robots Returning Your Trays At The Foodcourt


Embracing shopping and dining in the new digital age, you can place your food orders via robots at Funan’s Kopitiam, cleverly named KOPI-tech. Food collection will be done via conveyer belts, and when you are done eating, ‘Wall-E’ will even return your dirty trays and crockery for you!

4,000 Sq-ft Rooftop Urban Garden


Following the urbanite trend of growing your own food, the new mall will feature a 4,000 square-feet urban garden on its rooftop. According to TODAY, you can learn about the origins of your food and “adopt a plot” to grow your own produce, giving you the farm-to-table experience.

State-Of-The-Art Sports Facilities


For sports enthusiasts, your options will be endless. According to The Smart Local, there will be a basketball court featuring changeable LED gym floor boundary lines. A futsal court will also be built on the sixth-floor roof next to the rooftop garden.


Indoor rock climbing operator Climb Central will offer a 50-lane climbing facility, with the walls reaching 15 metres high and extending from Basement 2 to Level 2.

There will also be a 25-metre swimming pool and a world-renowned gym.

Workshops By Local Artists


Mall visitors can also look forward to talks, pop-up shops, workshops and classes held by local artists. To give the public a preview of what is to come, Funan has organised a multitude of workshops at their show suite, from a terrarium-making class (pictured) to upcoming barista workshops, floral watercolour lessons and more!

Grand Cinematic Experiences And Theatres


Leading theatre company W!LD RICE will make Funan its new home, giving you the go-to place to catch all your favourite production classics like Emily of Emerald Hill. The company, which previously didn’t have its own location, will now have a 380-seat theatre at the space.

Movie operator Golden Village has already signed on as a tenant, and said it plans to offer the first multi-dimensional cinematic experience for feature films in Singapore. More details to be unveiled in due time.

Drive-through shopping

Drive-through isn’t just for fast food anymore. Merging the online and offline shopping experience, Funan will also offer a drive-through, hands-free shopping service. Shoppers can select their products onscreen and then pick up their purchases at Funan’s concierge, or have their shopping bags delivered to their homes.

From Tech Retail To Shopping In The Digital Age


Funan looks to be fully-transforming the tech-shopping experience, from just selling IT products to integrating technology for shoppers who grew up in the digital age.

Mr Mark Mitcheson-Low, 58, Woods Bagot's regional executive chairman, told The Straits Times that the mall will “adapt to the future retail scene and cater to shoppers who want a tailored experience instead of being bombarded with typical offerings.”

The new look will give the regular Funan shopper more, beyond just their digital needs. It aims to still be familiar to existing consumers of Funan, while tapping into the rest of their lives.

Apart from the retail section, Funan will also feature two six-storey Grade A office towers and a nine-storey block housing 279 co-living apartment units.There will also be a smart car parking and smart-access system, with video analytics and product curation functions.