No Plans This Weekend? Check Out These 5 Exciting Events Happening From 18 Aug To 26 Aug

This weekend marks the beginning of the annual Singapore Night Festival, where we’ll be treated to impressive art installations and performances.
Nicole Tong
2 days 12 hours ago

Are Netflix And YouTube Killing The Local TV?

Remember the days of LimeWire and The Pirate Bay?
Chowlyn Ng
2 days 17 hours ago

7 Best Food Lobangs You Must Catch This Month Of August

Everyone appreciates good food - but not the exorbitant prices that accompany them.
Nina Darwisyah
3 days 11 hours ago

Circles.Life’s Ad Is In Poor Taste, But It Really Isn’t That Bad Either.

It seems that in Singapore, controversial advertisements are becoming quite the norm.
Nicholas Neo
3 days 16 hours ago

Study: Singapore Is The Best City In The World To Work For A Startup

Given Silicon Valley's reputation as the world's startup capital, it may surprise many that we actually outranked San Francisco.   
Stacy Luna Foo
3 days 17 hours ago

8 Tips to Combat Fatigue at Work That Have Nothing to Do with Coffee

Here are some pick-me-ups to get you through midday.
Stacy Luna Foo
4 days 10 hours ago

Despite Its Astounding Success In China, Why Hasnt WeChat Taken Off In Singapore?

Messaging apps such as Telegram and WhatsApp have radically transformed the way that we communicate and send text messages, but none of t
Chowlyn Ng
5 days 15 hours ago

More Help For Elderly And Disabled Commuters At Outram Park MRT Station

The first initiative, Heart Zone, dedicates two areas within the MRT station for frail or visually impaired patients to seek help getting to SGH. 
Nicole Tong
5 days 18 hours ago

5 Luxurious Airbnb Bathrooms That You Can Easily Recreate With These Simple Hacks

The one thing most of us look forward to at staycations besides the breakfast buffets are probably the luxurious bathrooms. 
Nina Darwisyah
6 days 12 hours ago

12 FREE things you can get on your birthday in Singapore

There’s no such thing as free lunch – or is there?
Estelle Lim
1 week 3 days ago

Meet The Hawker Couple Who Created The First Halal Prawn Mee In Singapore

Yes, and it consists of generous portions of lobsters, prawns and clams!
Nina Darwisyah
2 weeks 6 days ago

7 Hidden Gems Of Singapore To Discover When You Are Sick Of Shopping Malls And The Crowd

You’ll be surprised that there are new adventure places awaiting you at every corner - or more accurately, at every MRT stop.
Tiffany Lim
1 week 5 days ago

7 Best Food Lobangs You Must Catch This Month Of August

Everyone appreciates good food - but not the exorbitant prices that accompany them.
Nina Darwisyah
3 days 11 hours ago

These Best Pandan Cake Places In Singapore Will Prove Why It Deserves To Be Crowned The Nation's Cake

If greens are good for you, then pandan should be too. 
Chowlyn Ng
3 months 2 weeks ago

This Local Startup Is Making It Possible to Apply for a MC Online

You can now consult a doctor or pharmacist without taking a single step out of your house, thanks to digital health platform and local startup, MyDoc...
Stacy Luna Foo
2 weeks 4 days ago

10 Enterprise Startups That Are Set To Rock 2017

You'll need it sooner or later, might as well catch on earlier.
Zenna Firdous
7 months 2 weeks ago

No Capital? Here's How to Start a Business Without Leaving Your Job

Start chasing your dreams.   
Stacy Luna Foo
3 months 2 weeks ago

Yayoi Kusama's Exhibition: Remember To Focus On The Art, Not The Gram

Instagramming art is fine - but don’t let it become your personal prop.
Nicholas Neo
1 month 1 day ago

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